Scottish Borders Seniors Networking Forum Talk

Scottish Borders Seniors Networking Forum talk

Solicitor Alan Livingstone did a presentation to Scottish Borders Seniors Networking Forum of the ‘Must Do’s for Older People.

The Scottish Borders Seniors Networking Forum consists of representatives for various organisations throughout the Borders all dealing with older people from various men’s sheds organisations, RVS and Scottish Borders Council.

After a very interesting presentation from the Police on their Drivewise Campaign to be launched in April 2017 and aimed at the over 65’s Alan outlined the ‘Must Do’s:

The Must Do’s

  1. Making a Power of Attorney
  2. Making a Will
  3. Making an Advance Directive
  4. Considering Care Costs and how to fund these.

Generally the key issue is one of communication.  For most of us the old crystal ball does not work and, particularly when it comes to dealing with people who are critically ill or who have passed away, those that are left to deal with the situation often worry that what they decide might not be what the person had actually wanted.  So tell them while you are able!

People are far happier to carry out your wishes if they know what they are. Trying to second guess what you might have wanted but didn’t tell them is very stressful; Making your Will or making an Advance Directive is simply a form of communication of your wishes for someone else to carry out.

Giving directions

It is a bit like inviting someone to your house who hasn’t been there before – you wouldn’t dream of not giving them directions on how to get there. Making a Will or an Advance Directive is the equivalent of giving someone those directions. So far as a Power of Attorney is concerned, that gives someone the power to do things for you when you are no longer capable, but they may still need some directions.

With only 40% of the population making Wills, less than 10% making Powers of Attorney, less than 1% leaving Advance Medical Directives, it is clear that the population is not talking about these things.  By ‘the population’ that means you!!

Scottish Borders Seniors Networking Forum Talk February 2017
© Alan Livingstone

Making a Will or an Advance Directive is giving someone directions as to how to carry out your wishes when you are no longer ableAlan Livingstone

We recommend that every adult should have in place an up-to-date Will and a Power of Attorney.

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