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Finding a Tenant

Finding a Tenant for your property is easy.

Finding the right tenant for your property requires a bit more skill!

If you have a property to Let and you want to manage it yourself Hastings Tenant Matching Service can help you guard against costly and stressful mistakes.

Hastings are a regulated agency that you can rely on and we operate in accordance with the ethical principles of the Scottish Association of Landlords. Matching the right tenant with your property is not just be a case of taking the first that comes along. We will want to know they can afford to pay the rent and deposit and also that they can they be trusted to look after the property.

When we carry out the viewings we have an opportunity to meet the prospective tenants but referencing is an essential part of tenant matching as it may unearth an adverse history that they don’t tell you about. In Scotland the cost of referencing cannot be passed on to the Tenant even where they have provided false or misleading information. However galling that may be it is a small price to pay compared to the cost of finding yourself with a dodgy tenant who may also be difficult to remove without lengthy and costly court proceedings. Fortunately these cases are rare as most will know a professional letting agent is difficult to fool and don’t apply.

To attract the right tenant it is important to present the property well and have it marketed in the right places looking at its best. If you obviously care about your property your tenant is more likely to care for it as well.

We take particular care over our photographs and property descriptions and with an established track record of letting we can advise on an effective marketing strategy. It is also important to set a fair rent level that is neither too high or too low.

While finding a Tenant may sound easy there are plenty of traps for the unwary and most landlords find it is something best left to the professional agents.

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“I figure if I have my health, can pay the rent and I have my friends, I call it ‘content.’ “Lauren Bacall
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