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Debt Recovery

Ouch! It hurts when you are owed money

and it hurts a lot when you are owed a lot.

A glitch in the cash flow has brought many a business to its knees as business people are well aware. Unfortunately enforcing debt collection is usually at the bottom of the list of things we enjoy doing, especially in the Borders where we are often aquainted with our customers and clients and sometimes we can leave it until it is too late. As the saying goes; “Please pay us, so we can pay them, so they can pay you”.

Many small debts can add up to a significant amount so it is important to keep on top of things with reminders and statements and phone calls as necessary, if nothing else, for the sake of your family and your employees.  When none of these things have the desired effect it is essential to back up your strategy with effective action and Hastings are here to help with a succinct, firm (and cost-effective) reminder. Usually when your debtor appreciates the consequences of non-payment it is sufficient to achieve the desired result but if matters need to be progressed further we are able to advise and proceed as necessary. Each case is individual and we will advise on the most appropriate course and take steps to implement it.

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Running into debt isn’t so bad. It’s running into creditors that hurts.”Unknown
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