Hastings & Doughtys Amalgamate

JUNE 2019

Hastings Legal are pleased to announce the amalgamation of Doughtys WS with Hastings Legal.

Doughtys WS practised in Ayton for over 150 years and in 2011 the firm moved to Eyemouth . This respected local firm has provided high quality legal advice to individuals and businesses since 1840 and we are proud to continue this tradition. We are confident that our increased presence in Eyemouth will allow us to better serve both Hastings’ and Doughtys’ clients in the Berwickshire area.

We will continue to operate from the existing premises at 3 & 7 Church Street, Eyemouth, TD14 5DH

In advance of the amalgamation Hastings Legal Director Ricky Hope has been working at the Eyemouth Office alongside the existing Eyemouth staff and Doughtys’ sole partner Marina Kerr. The familiar faces have been retained at Doughtys and, Marina will be staying with us in Eyemouth to provide continuity. This will allow us to benefit from her long standing connection with the office and the many loyal Eyemouth clients. Our Head of Property, Suzanne Smith will work alongside the existing Doughtys staff to provide a property service for the Eastern Borders that is second to none.

As part of our commitment to our new Eyemouth office we shall shortly be rebranding and refurbishing the office with our new modern corporate branding; look out for our new signs when you are out and about and for our attractive property displays.

Please do pop in and say ‘Hello’; we look forward to meeting you.

If you are buying in Scotland you will need a Scottish Solicitor.

If you are selling, Hastings Legal are the top-selling Solicitor Estate Agents in the Borders.

With a Solicitor/Estate Agent you have more control of the process.

If your offer is unsuccessful – don’t worry – we won’t charge you legal fees.No Key = No Fee Deal

To find out what Hastings Legal

can do to help you find your ideal home or your ideal buyer give us a call or pop in to one of our offices in Kelso, Duns, Selkirk and Eyemouth.

It’s never too early to call Hastings Legal, your dedicated Borders firm of Solicitors and Estate Agents.

Here for you in the Scottish Borders.

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