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Free Property Advice and Valuation

Our Free Home Valuation and Marketing Appraisal

A Home Valuation and Marketing Advice Consultation with Hastings Legal is a personal tailored session with one of our qualified and experienced property valuers.

It allows us to learn more about you so we can help you maximise your aims and goals when selling your home. We don’t just give off-the-peg internet price comparisons that anyone can do! The consultation generally lasts around an hour and is completely free.

Confirmation of the Appointment

Before our valuer visits you at your home, you will receive an email from us confirming the day and time of your appointment and the name of our valuer who will be visiting.

We like to keep the consultation relaxed

Our valuer will sit down with you to chat through your plans and your aims. This helps us to understand the financial result you are hoping to achieve, your desired timescales and any specific expectations you may have.

Special Features of Hastings Legal Estate Agency

Our valuer will explain the advantages that Hastings, being solicitors as well as estate agents, can offer that is over and above the benefits you would expect of a top quality estate agent:

  • Your property will also be marketed Edinburgh through ESPC Property Shop in George Street and their website and newspaper. More about ESPC
  • If you wish, Hastings Legal can also act as solicitors for you. This can streamline the process by having the conveyancing paperwork in order in good time. More about Hastings Integrated Services
What is involved with getting your property to market?

We will chat you through the process of Selling your House.  We will explain how our marketing package will work for you and what you can expect once your property sale is up and running. During this time we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Tour of your Property.

As you show us around your home we can discuss how best to show it to its full potential. This will include suggestions on presentation, decoration, staging and much more. We can offer tips on how best to conduct viewings to set your viewing off on a positive note.

Advice on how to Maximise your Profit

It may be that you intend to do some work to the property prior to marketing. This may not necessarily add more to the value of your property than it costs to do. Our valuers have years of experience and will be able to advise whether the work you have in mind will be of benefit, or not, to your sale. They may also have some cost-effective suggestions for improving the buyer-appeal of your house.

Information Gathering

After the tour our valuer will have a walk around to take preliminary site notes, measurements and layout sketches etc.

The Valuation Report

Once we have the information we need we will do our market research; looking at figures and drawing on our knowledge of the local market. Our comprehensive valuation report is then prepared and emailed to you. This not only includes confirmation of our valuation but also a breakdown of the fees involved. You will receive an overview of our advice to help you make the most of your marketing.

The Follow-up Call

It is best to take a few days to digest all of this information. Some time in the following week we will give you a call to ensure you have received our valuation report and to find out your thoughts. If you have further questions for us we will be happy to answer. No question is too silly so don’t be afraid to ask!

The Next Stage

If you are happy and keen to proceed we will set the wheels in motion for selling your home. We will organise your home report, property particulars, photography etc and take care of the logistics involved in getting your property live on the market.

Hastings Legal give you more than just a valuation.

Our consultation is a personal and tailored free advice service. It lets us learn what you hope to achieve from your property sale and it lets you know what we do that is beyond the ordinary. We are here for you and we make it our business to achieve the best result for you.

How to Arrange a Free Home Valuation and Marketing Advice Consultation

You can book your consultation online by filling in the valuation request form here.   If you prefer, you can arrange an appointment with a member of staff by calling us on 01573-225999. Our telephone lines are open until 10pm, 7 days a week.

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