What to expect at your valuation

What happens when you book a FREE Valuation and Marketing Assessment of your home?

In the first instance our Property Expert for your area will send you details of the service Hastings Legal provide and examples of properties we have sold in your area.

Then they will arrange to visit you at your home at a time that suits you. You will receive an unbiased review of your property and an honest appraisal of your prospects. All of our Property Professionals live in the Borders. We have years of experience and we know the local market thoroughly.

Hastings Legal are Solicitors as well as Estate Agents

You will have the option of also having Hastings solicitors handle the legal aspects of your sale to co-ordinate with your onward move. Please don’t underestimate the difference this can be for making your move more timely and less stressful.

Unlike ordinary estate agents we don’t outsource to a separate legal firm who may not give your case the high priority that we do. Of course, if you already have a trusted solicitor we will work with them to achieve a timely result for you.

The Valuation Meeting is a great opportunity for you to ask us questions

We love when clients ask questions……it helps us all be on the right footing! SO don’t be afraid to ask your valuer anything from how we determine the value of your property – what’s involved in the conveyancing – how do you go about putting an offer in on the house you wish to move in – we are fully equipped to handle all angles!

We provide advice on how to sell your house – there are many elements you cannot control, but we provide guidance on steps you can take to improve the saleability of your property.

Its a feather in our cap that many of our buyers are from Edinburgh

Edinburgh buyers are attracted to the Borders by the country lifestyle and the fact that, comparative to where they are moving from, you get a lot of house for your money. Hastings Legal are the highest profile Borders members of ESPC so we are uniquely placed to market your property effectively to Edinburgh buyers. Click here to find out more

Beware of agents who inflate the values they quote to you and promise unrealistic timeframes.

They do this to entice you to put your property on the market with them. Then, when your property doesn’t sell, they have little advice to offer other than to slash the price. By this time the damage is already done and you have lost the ‘initial impact’ factor. A good way to recognise such candidates is to check their web portals. If they regularly advertise properties as *£30,000 below HOME REPORT* this is probably what has happened to the poor, unsuspecting seller.

Hastings Valuers like to get the valuation correct from the start. Naturally, we want to maximise the sale price as best we can but we do not inflate or exceed values just to win your instruction.

What’s more we promise we WON’T abandon you to an online App

As well as having high street branches, as part of our personal face-to-face service our property experts are always out-and-about providing a continuing service with reviews and updates.  Our phone lines are open 7 days a week with a real member of staff who can provide feedback and arrange viewings. We do not leave you to flounder around yourself with an online app to find feedback and set up viewings.

So, if you are thinking of selling, give us a try – we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

If you are buying in Scotland you will need a Scottish Solicitor.

If you are selling, Hastings Legal are the top-selling Solicitor Estate Agents in the Borders.

With a Solicitor/Estate Agent you have more control of the process
and because of our unique  No Key No Fee policy you are shielded from the legal costs if your property sale or purchase fails to materialise.

To find out what Hastings Legal can do to help you find your ideal home or your ideal buyer give us a call or pop in to one of our offices in Kelso, Duns, Selkirk and Eyemouth.

See our guides: Buying a House and Selling your House Legal Process

It’s never too early to call Hastings Legal, your dedicated Borders firm of Solicitors and Estate Agents.

Here for you in the Scottish Borders

“As Solicitor Estate Agents we go all out to sell your home “Hastings Legal Lab
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