Being prepared to sell your property

The need to get organised for your onward move

What is the biggest issue affecting property sales in recent months?

You might think affordability, the economic crisis with rising inflation or political uncertainty, not least the distant sounds of war and its knock-on effects. However, a more fundamental issue has been the predominant issue in recent times – anxiety prompted by the lack of choice for sellers when it comes to the onward move. As a result, supply and low stock levels make it increasingly difficult for homeowners to commit to a sale.

What is the solution?

If sellers don’t market their home until they have found their next purchase it leads to a log jam. But assuming there is nothing suitable available is not the answer. With properties coming onto the market daily, house hunters need to keep an eagle’s eye on property alerts – and best of all, ask the experts. We might have the ideal property about to launch on the market. It always helps to begin any project with the end in sight and when we take on a property to market, we will always ascertain clients’ plans and advise them not to sit back and wait until they have sold. It does no one any good to go through all the trouble and expense of a marketing exercise only to find that the whole deal falls through when the sellers withdraw because they have not found anywhere to go to.

Smart sellers who can take advantage of the current level of demand are at a premium

They will often maximise their selling price and move heaven and earth to accommodate prospective buyers. Organised sellers, who have planned and are prepared to be flexible will be more attractive, particularly when the buyer has a date in mind, wants to seal the deal, and make practical arrangements, not least with removers.

Traditionally, this has not been an issue in the Borders given there was generally a plentiful supply across a range of prices and areas with house types to suit most budgets and preferences. However, with properties currently being snapped up in a matter of weeks or even days of going on sale, it can leave little time to get organised. Sellers and their agents rightly place the ability to agree a firm deal that isn’t hostage to fortune or falling apart, high on their list when choosing a preferred buyer. No one wants false hope, uncertainty, and dashed dreams – not to mention the financial cost and stress of a failed sale.

At Hastings we will always seek to establish both the sellers’ and buyers’ position.

While this can be time consuming, we consider it an essential part of what we do. There is no point in agreeing a sale that is risky and has a high likelihood of throwing move plans into disarray.

Above all else, sellers are advised to get organised.

Make sure your agents are aware of your onward plans, and are prepared to work with you and your buyers to make it happen.

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