August Property News

As summer draws to an end, we’ve been reflecting on the property market over the past couple of months.

Whilst new outlets may have you believing the market is in decline, the reality for the Scottish Borders is rather different.

In fact, here at Hastings Legal we’ve listed more properties for sale between January 2023 and July 2023 compared to January 2022 and July 2023. Showing there is still a keen interest and appetite for people looking to move home.

It would of course be unrealistic not to mention the wider economic factors such as the rising cost of living and mortgage interest rates that are having an impact on the property market, however the Scottish Borders still remains a very popular place to live. After the first Covid lockdown in 2020, the property market experienced a very high level of pent-up demand being released, making for a busy market. What we are seeing now is a return to a slightly calmer, but strong and stable Scottish Borders property market.

During Covid many people reassessed their living circumstances following their dreams of moving to the countryside. This still remains the case for many people, meaning Borders properties are still very sought after!

Property Highlights

Take a look at some of our top properties for sale recently.

Hastings News

Hello – I’m excited to be writing the Hastings News this month and introducing myself. I am Abby, the new Head of Marketing, here at Hastings Legal. Having worked in the property market for many years at ESPC and other solicitor estate agents, I am thrilled to be joining the Hastings Team. My job is to get the word out about the amazing work we do here for our clients.

It’s great to join such a welcoming and knowledgeable team, plus of course get to say hello to all the office dogs we have around the Borders.

“There’s no substitute for using a good local firm as you get what you pay for.”Rob Armstrong

Hastings Legal are trusted and long-established Solicitor Estate Agents in the Scottish Borders.

•   Selling your property with a Solicitor Estate Agent means you have control of the process from start to finish.

•   Our Virtual Viewing Video Tours are the New Normal for a first viewing and are included for no extra charge.

•   Our extensive database of purchasers who are looking to buy their dream home in this area is at your disposal.

•   Our advertising reach is both local and national including our High Street Offices, exclusive ESPC* and  Rightmove

•   Professional photographs as standard

•   We regularly achieve more than the Home Report Value for our Sellers, often at Closing Date

See our guides: • Buying a House and • Selling your House Legal Process

It’s never too early to call Hastings Legal, Solicitors and Estate Agents in the Scottish Borders

* only Solicitor Estate agents can advertise in ESPC – the Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre

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