Tenants Who Started a Cannabis Factory – a case study

Landlords with property to rent have available to them a number of choices.

While a do it yourself option might seem attractive it can be a time consuming job if you are going to do it properly.

On the other hand if you are too laid back and leave it to fate you could come a cropper costing you lost rent and legal complications getting your property back. In the worst cases the place could be wrecked with the Landlord left to foot the bill for the cost of making good damage to the property in excess of any deposit (assuming you managed to get one).

If you live out-with the area your choices are more limited. Asking a friend or family member to keep an eye on the property is shouldering them with quite a responsibility and things still can go wrong, as shown by the story told below.

You can take steps to minimise the risk by using regulated Letting Agents and asking them to manage the property for you.

Case Study

When it goes wrong – the tenants who started a cannabis factory.

Take the case of the landlords who elected to self manage a farmhouse but lived some distance away.

They thought it would be fine but friends and family they had asked to keep an eye on the place failed to notice that the property had been converted into a cannabis factory… until the police raided the property! The landlord was left with damage running into tens of thousands and to make matters worse this type of malicious damage by the tenants is generally uninsured.

If the landlords had appointed agents to manage and inspect and they then failed to notice at least they would have had a claim against the agents. Sadly on this occasion they had chosen the cheaper option.

A fully managed let is one of the range if services that we offer.
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