Reiver & Cooper – Senior Partner Legal Labs

Anyone who has been to the Kelso Legal Office has possibly been welcomed by our original Legal Labradors.

Their person, Alan Livingstone, has his office just beside the reception and they like to keep an eye on things to see that all is running smoothly in the Legal Office.


Reiver is the elder statesman of the pack and he is now adopting the older, wiser and more laid-back stance his position warrants. However, he still has a mean appetite for food (needless to say, being a labrador) and walks. He loves being driven anywhere and probably has a greater love for people than he has for his younger sidekick whom he tolerates. He was aptly named – as a pup he had a penchant for pinching chocolate. He has now learned that he really doesn’t need to pinch things – those stupid humans will feed him regularly, although the odd “natural” supplement will never go amiss. He can often be found under Alan’s desk.


Cooper can usually found in the centre of the kitchen when at home “ensuring” that all foodstuffs are properly dealt with. He could equally have been called “Hoover” but he is a labrador after all. He is learning lots of bad habits from Reiver but he is really a bit of a wimp. He could chase balls all day long! When in the office he adopts the stance of official meeter and greeter of all visitors. Visitors should beware, you could be licked to death! He is a loving gentle dog unless you get between him and his bowl.

Keeping it in the family, he is Corra’s half brother (Corra’s person is Ricky and you may hear more about her sometime).

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