Our Lab in Duns

Happy Birthday Corra!

Corra is one year old today having been born on 21st March 2016.

Corra’s person is Ricky Hope and she can be found in our Duns Office. Corra is a Borders girl having been bred from working stock near Ford in North Northumberland. Corra is Cooper’s half sister sharing the same mother and is easily spotted by her petite size, big clumsy feet and wavy hair along the top of her back.

Corra spends her time at Hastings Legal chasing the sun around Ricky’s Office by repositioning throughout the day trying to catch as much sun as she can. We don’t think black Labradors can get a tan however in Corra’s case that is not from a lack of trying. Corra is still learning the ropes and has recently become accomplished at walking on the lead without pulling; Ricky is relieved to no longer have to suffer the daily tow home from the office!

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