No Key, No Fee Conveyancing Deal

The Hastings Legal No Key No Fee policy means you are shielded from the legal costs if your property sale or purchase fails to materialise.

It can be difficult to secure a property at the price you want to pay either at a Closing Date or with an offer.

Similarly, as a Seller, until missives are concluded there is always a risk that a purchaser could walk away from a transaction leaving you high and dry.

The legal process for purchasing or selling in Scotland is quite rightly viewed as more stable and reliable than the volatile system used south of the Border in England and Wales. Thankfully the threat of a transaction falling through once an offer has been agreed tends to be quite remote however, as Robert Burns said, “the best laid plans o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley” (can often go awry).

Thankfully with Hastings Legal No Key No Fee policy you are shielded from the legal costs if the worst does happen and your transaction falls apart.

If you are not successful in offering for the property you wish to purchase, or the worst happens, and for some reason you can’t conclude missives on your sale (exchange contracts) and the transaction cannot proceed, we will waive our fees for the legal work that we have carried out on your behalf and you will only pay for any necessary outlays incurred.

This unique service is a valuable safeguard and means that you do not incur costs for unsuccessful transactions.

Naturally there are some terms and conditions that apply;

1.      The transaction must be the conveyance of a residential dwellinghouse i.e. not a building plot or commercial premises.

2.      If the transaction is a purchase and your offer is not accepted by the Seller, either verbally or in writing, we shall waive our fees in connection with the preparation of the formal offer.

3.      If the transaction is a sale and your purchaser withdraws from the transaction due to unforeseen circumstances outwith your control before missives are concluded we shall waive our fees in connection with the legal work carried out on your behalf.

4.      You will require to reimburse us for all necessary outlays incurred on your behalf.

5.      If our fees are not eligible to be waived under our No Key No Fee policy you will be liable to pay a proportion of any quoted fee indicated to you at the outset of the transaction based on the work carried out on your behalf.

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If your offer is unsuccessful – don’t worry – we won’t charge you legal fees.No Key = No Fee

If you are buying in Scotland you will need a Scottish Solicitor.

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With a Solicitor/Estate Agent you have more control of the process.

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