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When it comes to selling the home you have lavished time, love and attention on it could ultimately prove to be a more costly mistake if you determine your choice of agent solely by “What will it cost to sell?” It is worth investigating the value-added services that a premier agency such as Hastings can bring over box standard advertising in digital portals.

Some homeowners play one agent off against another in a bid to secure the lowest fee or a nothing up-front deal, with scant or no thought given to the kind of service – and result – a low fee warrants. Savvy sellers on the other hand, research the reputation and track record of a selling agent, most notably the quality of presentation, photography and amount of effort put into securing not just a sale, but the highest possible price.

People don’t buy buildings they buy a perceived emotional experience of enjoying the home;

the presentation and marketing of a property is crucial to the success of the sale. While it’s true that every sale only needs one buyer, the ideal scenario is to create a situation where you have two or more interested parties to ensure you receive the absolute best price the market has to offer and then negotiate the final outcome. To do that demands pro-active marketing that goes the proverbial extra mile in terms of exposing a property to the market, rather than the laissez faire approach that extols minimal effort and leaves it up to a buyer to stumble upon it by chance. Looks are important and with property marketing you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Selling something as important and valuable as your home surely deserves more thought and time spent on research to see how your chosen agent presents properties? Is there enough text to be informative? Do the photographs display the house or just the present owner’s furniture – equally important, has the person holding the camera simply snapped or taken time out to move things if necessary to highlight the property’s features and
unique selling points or even bothered to put the toilet seat down. Property schedules often show at a glance how much effort has been expended: look at a random selection and ask yourself, if you were a potential buyer would you be encouraged to view?

Within a local area like the Scottish Borders it’s fairly easy to distinguish the agent that stands out from the rest. When it comes to buying and selling property you really do get what you pay for and if you want to do your home the justice it deserves, the difference between a sale and a competitive sale can be thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds. But if you sell cheap or on the back of a deal, perhaps it’s just as well you’ll never know what your home could have achieved As the old saying goes you get what you pay for and at Hastings Legal we aim to offer the best.

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“The ‘value added’ for most any company, tiny or enormous, comes from the Quality of Experience provided.”Tom Peters
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