What is Hastings Legal Labrador about?

We wanted an icon for the new Hastings Legal website

A friendly, helpful, faithful and countrified icon that sums us up. We thought of ‘Legal Beagle’ but it has already been trademarked so we have ‘Legal Labrador’ instead.

It is very appropriate for us to have a labrador icon as you are quite likely to be welcomed by Alan’s labs ‘Reiver’ and ‘Cooper’ in Kelso or Ricky’s lab ‘Corra’ in Duns. Vicky sometimes has Snoop and her very cute puppy Charlie cosied up in her room.

Ron is regularly seen jogging around the Haining in Selkirk with his honorary lab ‘Jakko’.  Jakko is actually a jackahuahua (his passport says ‘mongrel’) but he is just as good as any labrador and doesn’t take up so much space.

Legal Labrador would like to draw your attention to his page about our Integrated Estate Agency and Legals Package that features some of his friends.

A solicitor is for life, not just for conveyancing.Hastings Legal Labrador
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