Dementia Awareness

Alzheimer Scotland – Borders recently opened an office in Bridge Street in Kelso

Dementia Awareness is important to us at Hastings Legal

so when they brought to our attention that Dementia Awareness Week began on Monday 3 June we listened up. This seemed to be a good opportunity for us to broaden our knowledge of the issues affecting people with Dementia. As a result, nine of our staff recently spent some time with Rebecca Rogers from Alzheimer Scotland – Borders learning how Dementia can affect people and how to help those with Dementia and those who care for them.

It was an enlightening experience and gave all of the staff who attended a fascinating insight into how we can assist people with Dementia and their families to deal with the challenges they face. The staff who attended are now classed as “Dementia Friends” and we are happy to support Alzheimer Scotland – Borders in promoting awareness of the issue.

Powers of Attorney

As solicitors, we know that Dementia goes hand in hand with Powers of Attorney and we make no apology for suggesting to clients that they should have a Power of Attorney. It is not only for people who are getting on in years, incapacity can be brought on by accident or illness, but it does certainly apply more to the older age group.

Powers of Attorney allow someone else to deal with every day matters that someone who is developing Dementia might be having trouble attending to. It does not have to mean a handing over of power to do something; the Granter of a Power of Attorney can still continue doing things on their own behalf, but it just allows someone else to have the official power to lend a helping hand.

The legal profession had an advertising slogan that said “It’s never too early to call your solicitor”. We change that slightly and say “It’s never too early to have a Power of Attorney.”

Check out this page that explains the benefits of being prepared with a Power of Attorney. Come and talk with a solicitor at one of our offices in Kelso, Duns, Selkirk or Eyemouth. However, if you can’t come to us, one of our solicitors can visit you at home or in hospital.

“We remember their love when they can no longer remember.”Quote about Alzheimers

We recommend that every adult should have in place an up-to-date Will and a Power of Attorney.

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