Business Leader of the Year Short Video

2017 was the first year we have entered for awards.

With our new website and rebranding this seemed the ideal opportunity to shout about our achievements.

18 months ago we started the process and after examining where we were at and where we wanted to go it was decided that the time was right for rebranding.

However this was to be no token face changer and having taken over a new office in Duns, revamped the website and reorganised the legal and property sides this was a task that would have been beyond most but we had the resources and vision to get the help we needed and after six months of intensive redevelopment the butterfly emerged and we had our bright new coat of many colours to show to the world. In fact we even have a web page and resource showing the many s pieces of moths and butterflies that can be found in the Borders!

So having presented the changes and been interviewed we arrived at the awards in a room full of the best that the Borders had to offer. Borders Chamber of Trade hosted the Borders Business Excellence and in the best tradition of the Oscars none of us knew who won. As a new entrant we were delighted to be shortlisted for the SME of the year award narrowly losing out to Borders stalwarts Mitchell’s Glass who had been featured on Grand Designs and were worthy winners spotlighting the talents available locally.

After an array of glittering prizes, presentations, the inevitable speeches and a long and delicious tapas lunch we neared the main award and with a strong field it was no little surprise to be announced winner of the Borders Business Leader of the Year 2017. A little shocked and for once short for words the acceptance speech done and it began to sink in. Since the award we have had numerous congratulations but as I said in accepting the award this was due to the dedication and hard work of the whole team at Hastings both property and legal, without whom literally none of this would have become reality.

Ron Hastings November 2017

© Photographs are copyright of Hastings Legal or individual photographers. Video by Kevin Greenfield.

This video was made for Borders Business Excellence Awards 2017Hastings Legal Lab
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