2019 Message

Welcome to 2019!

It’s another New Year and resolutions made to do more, eat less and drink less are almost inevitably to be broken in the coming weeks days, or in some cases, hours. After all, it’s human to fail but it takes spirit to commit and get back on board again and never give up.

The start of the year can be a time for reflection and renewal, however, the trick is sticking with it after the initial enthusiasm has passed. When the honeymoon period is over, it becomes all too easy to pick on faults, give up and fail to appreciate the many good things. Perhaps that’s what happened with our friends in Europe; with all the negative press given to such trivia as regulating the ideal shape of a banana, much of the positive change of a united Europe was overlooked. Time will tell but whatever the future holds there is nothing to be gained from backbiting and regret. Far better to show our resilience, make the most of the situation and get on with it.

The Borders is used to being in the front line of disruption and has a long history of struggle, however these days we have good reason to maintain common interests with our friends across the Border. After all, we have more in common as Borderers in our Borderlands on both sides of the Tweed than we have with much of life in the Central belt. The retreat of the banks – long time self-acclaimed supporters of the country community – but now only visible in a few pockets, shows change is happening and at a faster pace than many can recall.

That said, change is inevitable and there’s little point sticking metaphorical fingers in the ears and standing at the top of Soutra or The Carter Bar and shouting: “thou shalt not pass.” The days of ‘Aye Been’ are numbered. History and respect for traditions have their place but like it or not life moves on, even in the Borders. So it’s great to see initiatives such as the Borderlands project, the extension of the Waverley railway line, developments at Carlisle Airport and improvements to our strategic and digital connectivity. Time and progress won’t wait for us to catch up. It really is a case of engaging in a positive way, making sure our voice is heard and instead of whinging in the wings waiting, get up and stand up for our rights.

May this year be a great one for all and let’s hope we can look back this time next year and see the progress made to making a safer, fairer and happier community in the Borders for all to enjoy.

Wishing our clients and business partners all the best for 2019 from the partners and staff at Hastings Legal & Property

© Ron Hastings 2019

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.Hal Borland
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