Charlie – Junior Legal Labrador

Charlie Maxwell is our Junior Legal Labrador.

He is as cute as a button! His person is Vicky and he can be found on occasion in the Kelso Legal Office.

Charlie is a companion of Snoop who sadly lost his best friend not long ago. However, they have bonded very well and are the best of pals. When they are in the office they both sleep under Vicky’s desk. Unfortunately that doesn’t leave much room for Vicky’s feet!

Charlie’s Diary

15 th January 2017 – Charlie is 11 weeks old, loves eating anything & everything, terrorising his new big brother Snoop and is all round a lovely crazy little bundle of happiness. He has just completed all of his vaccinations so he will be able to go out in to the world later this week. He may be coming in to the Kelso office with his human, Vicky, for an odd day or two shortly although he will need to do a bit more lead training as he seems to think its only for biting.

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