Best wishes to Nicolle and family

Hastings Legal would like to wish Stuart, Nicolle, Linda and all the Reivers party a fantastic week; hip hip!

Reiver’s Lass Nicolle is the daughter of our very own Linda Burns, and as can be seen from the photograph here, she has been planning for this week since 1994.

Nicolle had this to say;

“ What an honour it is to have been selected as Reiver’s Lass for 2018. I would like to thank Duns Summer Festival for giving me this opportunity and look forward to a great summer. Reiver’s Week plays a big part in our family so to be given this opportunity is a dream come true.
I will be the 4th Reiver’s Lass in the Burns family and my cousin Stuart will be the 3rd Reiver to carry the Town Standard.
To everyone in and around “oor bonnie wee toon” I thank you for your ongoing support and hope you have a great week.”

Duns Summer Festival runs from Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th July 2018
  • Sunday:  Kirkin ‘o’ Reiver followed by Openin’ Ceremony and handing over of Burgh Standard to Reiver, bussing of the colours by Reivers Lass.
  • Monday: Procession, Crowning ‘o’ Wynsome Mayde ‘O’ Duns, Cavalcade
  • Tuesday: Cavalcade to Duns Law and Bruntons, Covenanters service on Duns Law
  • Wednesday: Riding of the Bounds with visit to Duns Castle, Duns Common and Gavinton
  • Thursday: Longformacus Ride followed by Reivers Dinner & Ball
  • Friday: Hand Ba’ and Torchlight Procession
  • Saturday; Whitchester Ride, Carnival Parade and Fancy Dress, Closin’ Ceremony

Safe Oot, Safe In. Duns dings ‘a!Hastings Legal Lab
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