Aerial photos and video for a different view

When is aerial video and photography appropriate for marketing your property?

Hastings Legal work with leading Civil Aviation Authority licensed aerial photographers so we can offer our clients a professional service when the use of overhead footage is likely to enhance the sale of your home.

It goes without saying that sales particulars should highlight the best features of the property and that varies with each case. There are occasions when the location and surroundings of the house just cry out for a view from high up to show it to its best advantage. Fortunately with the advent of drone photography it is now relatively easy to provide high-vantage images that will showcase a stunning location.

Our licensed photographer takes the images with a camera attached to a drone which is remotely operated from the ground. The drone is able to fly over the site taking video footage and stills to supplement the usual marketing photographs.

Obviously overhead photographs are not suitable for all properties and where they are there are a few caveats. It is essential that the operator is licensed. The photographer must be aware of the legal restrictions of flying over sensitive areas and respect neighbouring owners rights of privacy. Our drone operator works with us to ensure that the images show the best aspects of the property.

We like to take a different view on property marketing. In the Scottish Borders, with its open spaces and scenic locations it is great that there is now the scope to use this technical advance where appropriate.

Get in touch and find out how Hastings Legal can give your property an aerial boost.

“From the same window, you keep seeing the same view”Mehmet Murat ildan
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