Lets with Pets – advice for landlords and tenants

 Is it time for Landlords and Letting Agents to reconsider their “no pets” policy?

Are you missing an opportunity?

In recent times, as letting has become more prevalent, the spotlight has been turned on establishing an animal welfare policy, which includes plans to make it mandatory for tenants to be allowed to keep pets in rental properties.

Let’s with Pets requires adherence to strict guidelines for landlords and tenants. By applying this and taking some common sense advice, many landlords are happy to accept tenants with pets. From a business point of view, with over 12 million pet owners in the UK, a landlord could be missing a trick to exclude this huge section of the market as potential tenants.

Top Tips for Tenants with Pets
  • Be aware that some landlords are unable to accept pets because of title conditions or mortgage restrictions, so be as flexible as you can about location and type of property.
  • Be realistic, and do not expect a landlord to accept a large dog such as a husky into a flat where the dog will not have enough space and could develop behaviour problems damage the property and cause a nuisance to neighbours.
  • Try to find a professional letting agent that supports Lets with Pets and can help you to find the perfect property for you and your pet.
  • To avoid disputes at the end of a tenancy ensure that a full inventory of the property is undertaken before you move in.
  • Write a CV for your pet. Include details of age, breed, background, whether he is neutered, any training he has had, whether he is microchipped and regularly treated for fleas and vaccinated against disease.
  • Make it clear how long your pet is likely to be left alone each day, and if necessary arrange for a dog walker to exercise him whilst you are working.
  • If your pet has already happily lived with you in a rental property, ask your previous landlord to write a reference that you can show to a new landlord.
  • If possible, invite your new landlord or letting agent to meet your pet. This is a perfect opportunity to prove that you are a responsible owner.
  • Be prepared to cover the cost of any damage to a property or furnishings. You may also want to take out some type of insurance to cover the possibility of damage.
  • Offer to pay for the property to be professionally deep cleaned at the end of your tenancy, so that it is restored back to its original pre-tenancy condition.
At Borders Country Lets we do our best to match our tenants with properties that meets their wishes and tenants that are suitable and acceptable to our landlords.

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